In 2008 Innovative Compliance was selected by the Air Cargo Security (ACS) initiative of Transport Canada to implement a pilot Canadian Secure Supply Chain Management System (SSCMS). SSCMS became a central repository of industry information for companies participating in the ACS initiative



In 2005 Innovative Compliance won a public tender issued by the Directorate of Energy and Transportation of the European Commission (DG -TREN) to perform a Study on a Prototype Data Base for Known Consignors (shippers) of Air Cargo (the EU Air Cargo Study). Innovative Compliance was awarded three extensions to the study (through public tender procedures), each of twelve months duration, in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

The EU Air Cargo Study utilized Camayu® ICS technology to establish a database of Regulated Agents and Known Consignors which rapidly became operational in six EU Member States – France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. During 2008 Switzerland and Luxembourg joined the program.

The EU program was one of the first operational pan-European supply chain security solutions. It facilitates the mutual recognition of the measures taken to render air cargo secure across participating EU Member States.



In 1999, Innovative Compliance lead a team which included Continental Airlines and ICTS USA in a joint R&D program with the Atlantic City Research Centre of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to evaluate the risk profiling of air cargo shipments. The program adopted an analytical approach to acquiring and evaluating operational data from the US domestic air cargo industry, and constructed, a comprehensive repository of air cargo industry data. Components from the program were implemented were utilized to launch the US Known Shipper Database.