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Aviation Security
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Air Cargo Security
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International Air Cargo Security - Too many cooks are spoiling the broth  |  June 02
In response to what the US Global Air Cargo Advisory Group (GACAG) considers as "recent significant increases in the number of countries seeking to implement new security measures", the members of GACAG have published a press release and a position paper. The Group is concerned that "a non-uniform approach to the implementation of requirements for new security measures could result in added bureaucracy, additional costs, and unintended nom-compliance in the aviation sector"
Air Cargo and Supply Chain Security  |  February 03
Throughout 2012, concerns have remained about external threats to supply chains (such as natural disasters and demand shocks) and systemic vulnerabilities (such as oil dependence and information fragmentation). Additionally, growing concern around cyber risk, rising insurance and trade finance costs are leading supply chain experts to explore new mitigation options. Accenture research indicates that more than 80% of companies are now concerned about supply chain resilience.