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Reporting Security Incidents and Third-country Oversight

A final rule issued by Transportation Security Administration (TSA), effective May 23, 2011, establishes the process for persons reporting to TSA regarding any transportation-related security problem, deficiency, or vulnerability, to receive a receipt thereof.

Security incident reporting and observation of security lapses at third-country airports was identified as an important source of air cargo security information in the November 2010 Study on the Legal Situation Regarding Security of Flights from Third-countries to the EU.

The TSA Final Rule can be accessed in the April 22, 2011 Federal Register:


A US Transport Workers Union (TWU) document entitled “Aircraft Maintenance in America: Who is Fixing my Plane” reports on gaps in training, oversight and screening of third- party mechanics as a result of widespread outsourcing.

The introduction of known consignor validations across the EU using third-party validators, with oversight by hard pressed and understaffed cargo inspection resources in EU appropriate authorities, raises concerns similar to those mentioned in the TWU article.

And, with on-going discussions regarding extending shipper/consignor validations to third-countries, the challenge described in the TWU report of “Inadequate oversight, strained government resources and lack of consistent application of standards have created an alarming lack of uniformity …” must be addressed.

The TWU Study can be accessed at:

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