Innovative Compliance is a leading provider of performance based regulatory solutions.
The corporate mission of Innovative Compliance is to design systems and services that integrate support for the compliance objectives of regulatory agencies with the risk management goals of regulated industries. Our solutions, which are often implemented as pilot programs, implement international standards and support sharing compliance data across corporate and international boundaries.

The approach of Innovative Compliance provides support for the formulation of regulatory policy and the compliance activities of accreditation and permitting, audit and investigation, the recording of incidents and accidents and where appropriate, enforcement. Our solutions can be deployed for government and industry as managed web based compliance services.

Innovative Compliance is working with international partners to deliver Structured Democratic Dialogue Process (SDDP) virtual and face-to-face workshops. SDDP is category of systemic design that delivers a structured, bottom up and trust-based approach to addressing regulatory and societal challenges. SDDP enables citizens, experts and policy-makers with diverse and often conflicting viewpoints, representing different ethnic, gender, socio-economic and political backgrounds, to reflect on the very real issues behind complex societal challenges (climate, injustice, discrimination, regulation) and reach consensus on the steps they must jointly take to address the challenge.